My name is Jorge.

I’m a web designer based in the Inland Empire.

I started Entratec in 2015 with the desire to help local small businesses get online.

I realized the main reason why a lot of small business had no online presence was due to the geek skills that are needed to build a website and all the steps that are required to upkeep and ensure a business is always running online.

I decided to take a different approach to website building and maintaining.

I get it, as a busy business owner, convenience and ease of use is everything.

My main goal with Entratec has always been to make sure you focus on running and growing your business, not doing updates and changes to your website.

My vision is simple. Offer all the services needed to get a local business online. Offer them one simple and one affordable monthly price. Make it easy and fast for business owners to get online. And most importantly—Give you outstanding support.

Today we have branched out on our mission to help as many businesses as possible and we have clients all over California.

See why Entratec is the only Web Company you’ll ever need.


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